5 Key Lead Generation Myths

Lead generation is a topic many people either oversimplify or overcomplicate. The truth is, you can’t rely totally on Google and Facebook Ads to get you leads, and certainly not to convert leads to customers. Lead generation is something that takes time to master and requires constant testing and modification to maximise your results.

There are more than a few myths about lead generation, but here are 5 key myths for you to look out for:


 Myth #1: Having a great modern website and a big ads budget is all you need

While you do need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and tells your target customer all they need to know about the product or service they need to solve their pain point, simply combining this with a huge ads budget likely won’t cut it, not without supporting elements like content marketing, customer education, speaking, and sponsorships. It’s vital you test, retest and test some more to find the right avenues for your sector, business, and customer.


Myth #2: You should track and come at any lead from all angles

How many times have you stumbled onto a website, or worse yet, given them your email address, and suddenly you’re getting six emails a day, you’re seeing ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, other apps, and it’s everywhere you look. It’s not that any of these things are bad (other than the six emails a day – you never need to do that), but bombarding your leads and prospects from the moment they stumble across you will likely overwhelm them, if not cause them to feel negatively about you. When automating your lead generation, try to give the prospect space to learn what they need to know in order to buy your product or service.


Myth #3: Old-fashioned lead generation styles no longer work

Just because it’s easier to set up anonymous online marketing campaigns doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. For many industries, especially in B2B markets, direct outreach through emails, calls, and mail can and does still work. Test these as part of your lead generation strategy to know if they work for you and your business.


Myth #4: Social Media is ineffective for generating leads

We all know social media is a great resource for connecting with our customers and prospects, for quickly reacting to customer service questions and queries, and building long-term relationships by getting in front of people frequently. According to Pinpoint Market Research, 64% of B2B marketers generate leads through LinkedIn, 49% through Facebook, and 36% through Twitter, proving that social media as an avenue for lead generation even in B2B businesses, is worth serious consideration.


Myth #5: Lead generation needs to focus on converting cold leads as quickly as possible

This myth isn’t to say that you can’t or shouldn’t focus on shortening conversion time between discovery and conversion, however, we need to remember that many leads need to be educated before a purchase, especially in B2B markets. However, you can’t just expect leads to arrive on your website and convert immediately. Though some customers do research extensively and are ready to buy when they arrive, this is certainly the exception, not the rule.


The key to lead generation is to test what works and then enhance what does. The goal is always to nurture your prospects into becoming customers, so they feel good about the transaction and become a cheerleader for your brand. You also need to remember to track your lead generation efforts, either by hand with spreadsheets or with tracking software, so that you can see hard facts about what is working and what’s not, how much that effort costs, and the length of time it’s taken to see those results.