Top 5 Tools for Business & Project Management

Finding the right tools for your businesses planning and management are key to the successful project completion and overall cohesion within your business. It doesn’t matter how good a plan is if it isn’t managed and implemented correctly. Though much of your planning and management takes place within executive management, the way that information is dispersed down to the lower levels is incredibly important to the success of the company, and the satisfaction your employees feel.

Business plans that are shared throughout the company and make each person feel valued and important is a huge factor in the success of projects and the speed in which they are completed. There are many tools available for collaboration and delegation within the company or remote teams, and when utilised properly they will give each person responsibility, accountability, and the great feeling that comes with ticking something off the list.

Finding the right tool for you and your business can be a time-consuming process in itself, so we’ve listed our top 5 tools your business can use to plan and manage your business so that you can shortlist the best tools for you.

AsanaAsana front page Asana is a great work management tool that helps businesses keep track of projects and plans, assign tasks to individuals, and a whole lot more.



Teamweekteamweek Teamweek is a simple and visually appealing browser-based team managing tool that allows you to see what’s happening real-time. It features a simple drag and drop interface that allows for easy allocation and ensures that no one on the team is overbooked. It integrates with other vital tools, like Slack, to make it as easy as possible for teams to communicate and keep projects on time and on track. takes traditional project management styles, like a Gantt chart, and puts it into a new visual and intuitive platform. It’s a British company that has testimonials from some big companies, such as the Discovery Channel, Wix, Carlsberg, Philips, DHL, Fiverr and more. It simplifies management to its core and is easy for a new team member to adopt.

Jirajira Jira is project management software specialised for software developers. It helps your team track performance, releases, and updates. The way you design your workflow is individual to you and your team, so you have the flexibility to work the way you want, and over 3000 apps can be integrated ensure you get exactly what you want from the software.

Trellotrello Trello is a popular and simple project management tool that helps teams work collaboratively and simply. It caters perfectly for smaller teams who don’t need the complexity of Jira or the real-time management of Teamweek. It integrates with other important apps such as Slack, Dropbox, and Evernote, so it works perfectly for remote teams and online businesses.

Most of these tools have free trials or free versions so you, or a small portion of your team, can try it out before implementing it throughout the whole company and see if there’s anything that absolutely won’t work for you.